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Key features

Integration and extensibility

IVISEC is a modular system which is easily expandable via integration with other technologies or client user interfaces. With our extensive capabilities of integrating other technologies, it is possible to deploy the system using already installed technologies and thereby protect client investments.

Intelligent evaluation of information

Information that enters the system from integrated technologies is processed according to preset rules and conditions. Therefore it is possible to specify exactly what information triggers which activity and to automate processes using different types of technologies.

Event processing

With predefined rules it is possible to create an event which has to be resolved by the operator. The definable workflow with specified transitions between event states serves for this purpose. The system can also be used as a control center for solving various situations according to the requirements of the user.

Video analysis and GIS

Video analysis

Video analysis tools are an essential element in increasing security while using cameras. Nowadays we can no longer rely on the fact that the operation of the camera system alone will solve all situations. It is necessary to think proactively and prevent the incidents from occurring. For this purpose we have
designed advanced algorithms to detect non-standard situations from a video image and to notify the operator of such an occurrence. This facilitates the work of the operator and saves time and money.


Video analysis output is information that the system continuously processes and stores. It is used to?quickly locate specific events recorded by cameras.

Active overview map

Because the system integrates many technological elements, it is necessary to keep track of their status and position. Maps and diagrams are made for this purpose, from these it is possible to draw the individual elements and thus create a clear picture of the current situation. The system supports
the creation of multiple maps and links between them. This enables easy processing of events in large-scale installations, in many rooms, spread over different buildings and floors. The elements can also be checked directly on the map. Maps can be created with raster images, vector images, online tile services or according to the requirements of the client it is possible to use maps stored on the ESRI ArcGIS Server.

Event processing

  • Technology

    The IVISEC system was designed with the emphasis placed on the ability to integrate any technology or system without limitation. Each technology is a source of information which is processed by the system.



    Information received from the integrated technologies is categorized and stored as notifications and then it is forwarded to our system for further processing.

  • Processing

    Each notification is processed and evaluated by configurable conditions and rules, which conclusively define system responses from simple storing to the creation of new events. All occurring events are forwarded to client stations for processing.



    The system can react to incoming notifications with automatic responses such as implementing preset actions, or, based on received notifications, it can offer a selection of actions which the user can choose from and manually implement.

  • Solution

    When a user is solving an event, the system can guide him step by step with a preset workflow. The workflow defines possible states for each type of event and the process by which such events can be solved.



    The history of received notifications and user actions within an event can be further analyzed and evaluated thanks to advanced reporting tools.

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Response to information


All incoming information into our system is evaluated based on set rules and conditions. It is for example possible to set it to process information regarding temperature only when the temperature exceeds a certain level.


The system allows full automation. For example if the temperature exceeds a certain level, the system can automatically send an email or switch on a relay which will turn on the air-conditioning unit.


The system allows you to customize almost any reaction to information that the system received, in the form of diagrams, functions, conditions and rules.

The development of the innovated software product iVISEC was co-financed by a grant from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic in the program The Country For The Future, contract no. FX03030059.

Z.L.D. s.r.o. je příjemce dotací na projekt „Vytváření metadat získaných video analýzou na specializovaných čipech, za použití umělé inteligence“, který je spolufinancován Evropskou unií. Cílem projektu je uvést na trh hotový SW výrobek iVISEC rozšířený o schopnost využít v reálném čase metadata získaná analýzou videa za použití umělé inteligence na specializovaných čipech pro zajištění komplexních automatizovaných reakcí při mimořádných událostech i v běžném provozu.