Smart security for everyone


IVISEC has been built on cutting edge technology and the latest trends as well as our almost twenty years of experience with these types of systems. Our system is deployed in solutions that integrate tens to thousands of elements. The capital city of Prague has over 4,000 cameras with the capability of storing archive footage for six months, a GPS system with over 1,000 units, and approx. 145,000 elements of other technologies. Several hundred client stations work with this system simultaneously. ?IVISEC easily satisfies all of these requirements and in addition is faster, safer and has improved user accessibility and design.

Our vision

We have always been keen to see our efforts come to fruition and this is still our main focus. In this respect, we consider even the smallest detail of the IVISEC system to be of vast importance. We are fully aware that the difference between a good and perfect product lies firmly in the detail. Simplicity, consistency, scalability, flexibility and reliability are the pillars IVISEC was built on.

New brochure released

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Complete solution

  • Automation through diagrams
  • Event processing
  • Extensible by new modules
  • Multiplatform solution
  • Scalable and Flexible
  • Simple, intuitive and modern
  • Usable in different industries
  • Responsive UI
  • Videoprocessing
  • SDK