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Cooperation with the Vesys Electronics Company, Manufacturer of the PRIMSEC Perimeter System

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We have established cooperation with the Vesys Electronics s.r.o. company, the manufacturer of the unique PrimSec detection cable. The PrimSec Perimeter System enables the protection of structures and perimeters against unauthorized entry. It is based on a unique principle of signal evaluation in 3D, allowing the early detection of intruders and providing the possibility of eliminating false alarms. The IVISEC system fully integrates the PrimSec system functions, offering a user friendly interface and extending the options of its use thanks to user-adjustable responses. Following an event detected in the PrimSec system it is possible to trigger various responses – for example, switching on the lights in the guarded area, sending text messages, rotating the CCTV cameras to the spot where an intruder has been detected and other actions based on the technologies integrated in the IVISEC system.

Fore more detailed specification of the PrimSec Perimeter System, see the website:

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