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Scylla Gun Detection System integrated with iVISEC

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Scylla, the leading AI-powered physical threat detection solution, is excited to integrate with the Z.L.D.’s flagship SW product iVISEC for situation management. This seamless integration allows security staff to harness the power of computer vision and artificial intelligence for scene recognition in the video stream.

Now iVISEC has a two-way integration with the Scylla Gun Detection module that enables weapon detection in real-time. Once a physical threat is detected by the Scylla Gun Detection Module in a video stream delivered by the iVISEC video management subsystem, the frame with detection details is sent to the Scylla engine which processes it and analyses if the frame contains the threat or not. If the threat is validated, the information is sent to the Scylla web server which initiates the event and sends the details back to iVISEC. iVISEC then displays the scene on the monitor wall and notifies the A-priority alert.

“With the aim to make safety accessible to those who could not afford it otherwise, we built a versatile AI-powered physical threat detection system that can be seamlessly integrated with the majority of video management systems. We are delighted to launch our partnership with Z.L.D. to deliver the leading physical security solutions to their users for situational awareness and proactive crisis management”, said Albert Stepanyan, Scylla’s CEO.

“Demands for the protection of soft targets, securing people, and infrastructure are increasing. Nowadays it is not possible to monitor all existing video streams by human operators. Customers need an automatized solution with high precision. We are happy that we can together offer this advanced solution to the market”, said Karel Skokan, Z.L.D.’s Commercial Director.

It is planned to integrate more AI-powered Scylla’s modules with iVISEC to empower their users with next-gen AI solutions.

About Scylla

At Scylla, our mission is to empower the private security industry with next-gen AI solutions. And with every new product in mind, we strive to make safety more accessible to those who could not afford it otherwise. Scylla AI-powered solutions serve to improve every part of your security infrastructure and range from object detection, anomaly detection & behavior recognition, to thermal screening, intrusion detection and drone security.


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